iGaming Trends: How to Learn Everything About It

Published 9:06 am Wednesday, April 26, 2023

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There is always something new on websites like Ice Casino. These are companies that belong to what is called the iGaming industry. However, not all casinos implement new technologies at the same time. So, how will you find out what new things are out there?

There are many sources of information, and we will share with you some of them. This way, you can always go to these sources and check for new happenings in the industry. 

Blog Sources

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Blog sources refer to both personal and business sites. Right now, the biggest blog sources where you can find iGaming trends are: 

  • AskGamblers
  • Vegas Slots Online
  • Casino Guru

Most of these blogs offer all sorts of information about casinos, gaming, and recent news. They are, for the most part, affiliates. It is not unusual to find content about the best games and the best casinos where you can play. 

As large operators, they get massive audiences, and it is quite an expectation for game developers or casinos to contact them for marketing purposes. 

Of course, you must take the “best lists” with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that as affiliate marketers, these blogs will obviously post materials where they recommend products. If the readers purchase these products, the blog owners get a commission. 

News Sources

Apart from traditional news organizations like CNN, many online magazines focus on the gambling niche. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Gambling News.Com
  • Casino.Org
  • GamblingInsider.Com
  • iGamingBusiness.Com

There are many more, but these are the best. Although blogs like AskGamblers also provide news articles, they do not have as much depth and detail as news sites. Most of the time, blogs cater to entertainment only. 

For gambling news sites, you can expect news about fraud, new laws, trends, CEO appointments, new technologies, etc. 

Here are some types of news headlines you can expect from them: 

  • ‘Intralot appoints Richard Bateson as Chief Commercial Officer’
  • ‘Report: 1,212 suspicious matches were identified across 12 sports and 92 nations’
  • ‘Armalytix announces partnership with Betsmart’

You will also find articles about casino mergers, launches, shutdowns, legal notices, violations, class action lawsuits, and more.

Professional Advisers

Professional advisers are mostly gambling experts who created their websites or YouTube channels. Right now, the most popular is the Wizard of Odds. 

The Wizard of Odds is founded by Michael Shackleford. He is an American mathematician who used to work as an actuary. Today, he has two big websites, as shown below: 

  • The Wizard of Odds
  • The Wizard of Vegas

The first one is about strategies and game rules. The second one is about an analysis of games in casino games. Michael is a professional adviser in gambling. He backs up his claims with statistics. In the Wizard of Odds, you can find tips about the following: 

  • Odds and strategies
  • Gambling online
  • Game calculators
  • Gambling information

The blog consistently publishes content, and you will find news about trends here. For example, if there is a new mathematical way to beat blackjack or a new version of it, you will see the article on the website’s homepage. 

Like a blog site, Michael’s websites also contain affiliate links. He promotes online casinos where he has played and gets commissions from registrations and sales. 

Gambling Forums

There are many forums in the gambling industry. Even Facebook and other social media sites allow forums. However, if you are looking for the best sites, you can check these out:

  • Reddit
  • Streak Gaming Online Gambling Forum
  • Poker Strategy Forum
  • Roulette Life Forum
  • CappersMall
  • Video Poker Forum

Surely, there are many others, but these ones have the most audience. Particularly, you want to use Reddit because it has many users. 

The thing with forums is that organizations, like casinos and game developers, have representations. They create a forum account and use the channel or thread to announce their new games. Because of this, you will find trends in the gambling industry on forum sites. 

While it is true that forums can be a source of frustration because of spam, you must exercise patience. It takes time to weed out the bad information. In addition, there are many affiliate marketers on forum sites. They post links, and if you click them and join a casino, the marketers get paid.  

If you are an avid fan of gaming, sports betting, and eSports betting, it will do you well if you stay updated on the latest happenings. These sources get notified by casinos and game developers of new game launches. 

If you subscribe to their newsletters, you will have a chance to be among the first customers to play new games. The good news is these sites do not charge money from your subscription. All it takes is a simple registration. Pretty much, they monetize their content from ads.