Letter – Differences with Sadler

Published 4:11 pm Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I have been called a “hater” by some in the Hermie Sadler campaign.We agree on the gambling machine issue. If huge businesses can have them, so should smaller ones. I do not “hate” him just because we disagree on other important issues such as:

  • I do not think someone’s main interest in being a state senator should be to help their businesses and themselves, not citizens. He stated in the debate with Emily Brewer that he does not agree with an abortion exemption to save the life of the mother. No one who believes this or says it on video can win a general election. His opponent would play this clip on television over and over until you see it in your sleep.
  • Does not believe that any government entity should tell a landowner what to do with his land. That sounds great, until your neighbor builds a toxic waste dump, mining operation, hog farm or 1,188-acre solar farm like the Sadlers have.
  • He suggests the government should control fuel and fertilizer prices. Once this started, the government would never stop. Control prices and you control people.
  • He compares himself to Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who graduated from Harvard Business School, Rice University and ran the biggest financial services company on the planet, dealing with politicians, for 25 years. I have met them both several times; Hermie Sadler is no Glenn Youngkin.

Before you vote, watch the debate at vimeo.com/281817456. Early voting starts this Friday, May 5.

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Volpe Boykin