Letter -Opposed to condos

Published 4:47 pm Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Regarding plans for 35 condominiums at the corner of Cedar Grove Road and Carrollton Boulevard, how is our narrow Cedar Grove‘s one lane each way to handle all of those proposed added vehicles? 

We get stuck now at that red light, and what happens in emergencies? So many of our wildlife and trees have disappeared in Carrollton, and trees and marshes prevent flooding. Why doesn’t Isle of Wight County purchase some of these forest lands to preserve them? 

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The Smithfield Times’ bear sighting article on April 14 reported on the high 12% increased development growth in Isle of Wight: “Areas where under-construction residential developments are encroaching into forested lands may also see an uptick in bear sightings. According to census data, Isle of Wight County has far outpaced the state in housing growth, with a 12% increase in new units compared to 7.6% statewide.” 

What we long-term taxpayers need county support with is a “voluntary” option to connect to the Isle of Wight County sewer system. Many of us off of Cedar Grove Road have old septic tanks/fields and have been told that new systems can cost up to $20,000-plus. (Not included is the possibility of spending even more if pine trees need removal to make room for a new septic system field, if there is even room in your yard for a relocated new system, plus the months it takes to get the new septic system approved and installed.) 

We’d much rather spend our money toward connecting to the county sewer system and be done with it! It would be nice for the county to help our residents and many seniors to be able to afford an option for residents to choose immediate county sewer connection, or at a later date if they so desire, when it becomes necessary to replace their entire septic tank and drain field due to failure. 

Our county is growing way too fast and with way too many residential developments 

and traffic.


Elizabeth Coburn