Letter – Opposed to Grange, condos

Published 4:53 pm Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I have way too much to say about the Grange. Way more than y’all want to hear, I am sure. 

But a few comments come to mind. One: Grace Street cannot possibly take the suggested amount of traffic. Ever. It is absurd. 

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Class A housing filling a void? Isle of Wight and Smithfield have an abundance of Class A housing as it is. We do not need any more. 

The Farmers Market cannot possibly rent stalls without raising the cost of the stalls. That is just impossible. How can our wonderful farmers be expected to have their stalls 24/7 and be able to afford them? They will be priced right out of the market. We love them and want them to stay in business. 

As for the number of Class A homes, condos and apartments in this plan, there are way too many. We do not have the infrastructure to support half that many. And we do not need another hotel. Isle of Wight and Smithfield should not have to shell out taxpayers’ money for utilities. That is the developer’s responsibility. I guess I have said all that I have to say against this folly.

Now, regarding the Cedar Grove Road condominium folly: This will take out the trees and forests that provide homes for our wildlife. And for the green people out there: I hope you will jump on the bandwagon. Those trees provide life-giving oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Please remember that oxygen is the basis of life and trees give us this gift. Without it where would all of life be? Let’s remember that before we start cutting down more trees.  

People are reporting bear sightings. Of course they are. The poor bears are being driven out of their homes because their homes are being destroyed. As well as raccoons and squirrels, snakes, opossums and all sorts of other wildlife that then come to our homes looking for food. 

I hope the Isle of Wight Board of Supervisors can see that there has to be a balance here and that there also has to be a limit to all of this building of condos and multihome developments. Keep Isle of Wight country. That is why most of us want to be here. Of course, the board can always be replaced.


Linda Reagan