Letter – Too many drivers ignore stop signs

Published 7:21 pm Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I would like to see the stop-sign runners given tickets for the continuous and constant running of stop signs throughout our county. It is horrible! I would also like to know how these people got their licenses to drive.

My ancestors, the Wynnes, were given a 200-acre land grant here many years ago even though I have only lived here myself for 39 years, but I still top at all stop signs and obey all rules of the road, because as a good driver nearly 80 years old, I respect our laws and rules of the road and respect those around me. Not so for me the way they tailgate my car and tear around me if I go the speed limit like they have a fire to go to or like they’re high on weed or drunk. Or maybe they do not appreciate the right to travel the land in safety or care about the safety of others who travel with them.

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Recently, a silver car was flying past the Smithfield Shopping Center and passed me on the right to jump in front of me and fly on down toward my former church, Benn’s United Methodist. That speed limit is 45 mph.

Can the Sheriff’s Office please put a deputy out at the end of Titus Creek and Smith’s Neck Road for the stop sign runners? Too often I turn off Smith’s Neck Road onto Titus Creek and watch in my rear mirror the line of cars heading toward Smith’s Neck Road constantly running that stop sign before turning.

The law of averages catches up to drivers like these, but at whose cost and injury? If they cannot read stop signs, how did they ever get a license to drive? And if they can read, what the heck is wrong with them? It seems too many use the “little head” these days to drive and not the full brain upstairs, if they have one.

                                                                                                                                                    Linda Gould Steffey