Letter – Kudos to candidates

Published 4:51 pm Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I am happy to see so many choices for community members in local elections. We needed some change and the community to be more involved in local elections and choices. 

Being on local boards takes time and dedication. I know from school board to board of supervisors to state delegate, it seems to take up much of your time and energy.  

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My Isle of Wight County representatives, School Board member Jason Maresh and Supervisor Joel Acree, are amazing. I have no doubt in their capabilities and their drive behind them wanting to not only make a positive change in their community but be that unwavering change. 

Supervisor William McCarty is such a gem and a pillar for Carrollton. He always answers any questions timely and is there for not only Carrollton representatives but for all of Isle of Wight.

Brandi Perkins has decided to selflessly dedicate her time as well this year running for the Smithfield District seat on the School Board. She brings a very diverse background from the other candidates and has experience with different programs K-12. Meeting her in passing, she is professional and organized. I am looking forward to her strengthening our School Board with her knowledge and expertise.  

According to publicschoolreview.com, Isle of Wight was in the top 20% of state schools in 2010 and has been declining since, barely making it into the top 60% in 2020. We are finally seeing a turn in the graph and increasing our ratings. In my opinion, anyone who was on that board watching it decline all those years, not doing anything to change it, does not work for the kids.

School Board career politicians must be replaced at every level. New board, new superintendent and new visions to make changes together with our community for everyone.


Candice Vandebrake