Letter – Stand up to China; vote Republican

Published 4:52 pm Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Leave it to a member of the county’s Democratic Party to write a letter (“Partisanship over people,” July 12) criticizing a Republican for sponsoring a bill (House Bill 2385, defeated by Senate Democrats) that supposedly would hurt Smithfield Foods.

The bill’s wording in part stated it “prohibits state agencies from entering into a contract for goods or services with a company owned or operated by a foreign adversary.” Smithfield Foods is not the Smithfield Foods we all grew up with. It is publicly traded and is supposedly owned by shareholders, but it is owned by a Chinese company. 

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No matter how you cut it, every company affiliated with Chinese ownership in any way, in the end, answers to one entity and that is the Chinese Communist Party. They are the largest adversary the United States has. Over decades they have purposefully positioned themselves to have control over much that is vital to the United States. We depend on them for almost all of our medicines, electronics, production items and much more. They used our greed and wanting things cheap to put themselves in a position to cripple us if it came down to it, and many believe sooner or later it will. 

Am I surprised that a Democrat opposes a bill that helps the United States and hurts its foreign adversaries, mainly the Communist Chinese? Sadly, it’s exactly what I expect from them.

Del. Emily Brewer of Isle of Wight is a Republican running for the 17th state Senate seat. Vote for her and the rest of the Republican ticket and help stop the adversaries of the United States from continuing to put themselves in a position to cripple our country and state. If you believe in communism and socialism, though, vote for the Democrats like Clinton Jenkins.


Volpe Boykin