Letter – Mr. Sexism, meet Mrs. Sarcasm

Published 5:07 pm Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

This letter is in response to Frank Hall’s letter to the editor last week (“Says Luter done with Smithfield”).

I too decided to attend the Smithfield Town Council Meeting on Aug. 9. (Well, actually I asked my husband for permission and he said I could go as long as I fixed dinner first.)

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I was one of the “girls” who paraded up to the podium to say “whatever was on my mind.” I’m sorry you “couldn’t stand” to listen to all these “women,” which is probably why you missed half of what I said. 

My opening statement lauded Joe Luter III and outlined all of his generous and philanthropic endeavors that have benefited our beloved town. It is unfortunate that “these women” have dealt such a blow to Smithfield. I know I should have been home folding laundry instead of getting involved in matters best left to the men. 

By the way, 60% of the 23 speakers who spoke in opposition were women. That means 40% were men. (I had my husband help me with the math.)

If, as you predict, Joe Luter IV takes his ball and goes home because the citizens would like some clarity on this transformational development, then perhaps that is best for all of us.


Renee Bevan