Letter – Smithfield needs Grange

Published 5:07 pm Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I first began frequently visiting Isle of Wight County in 1963. My wife and I moved to Morgart’s Beach in 1990 and in 2013 moved to Smithfield and contently claim Smithfield as “our” hometown.

In evaluating the quality-of-life issues for us relocating here initially some 33 years ago, one factor stood apart from the rest. That was the commitment the Luter family and our corporate good neighbor, Smithfield Foods, demonstrated in giving to this town and region. This was the tipping factor in our decision to call this area home. 

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In our assessment then, a community that has responsible benefactors is a much more desirable place. The contributions the Luter family have made to this region over the ensuing 33 years have certainly validated this decision.

The Town Council will be voting on an application from the Luter family to develop 57 acres of land within the Historic District. There are also a variety of waivers their developer has requested for this project to proceed. To that application I say “carpe diem” and respectively request that the council approve the Luter application, including granting all waiver requests, as I believe these actions to be in the best interest of our town and region.

Who better to develop this property for the sorely needed hotel rooms, residential housing and additional businesses within the Historic District than the Luter family? I look forward to the Grange at 10Main project proceeding under the stewardship of the Luter family.

The influx of new town residents along with the needed hotel rooms will add vigor, ideas, job opportunities and tax revenue to our town. A permanent farmers market will become a regional attraction and offer other innovative ways to benefit and enhance our community.

Carpe diem!


Henry McBurney