Letter – Development is ‘out of hand’

Published 6:25 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

One look at the pretty little drawing of the Grange at 10Main and it is so obvious that it will NOT be in keeping with Historic Smithfield as it is now, and the streets of Smithfield will most certainly NOT be able to handle the traffic generated by all of those condos, apartments and houses.

Especially quaint little Grace Street. The vehicles leaving the Grange onto Grace Street would most likely go straight down Grace Street and not turn to go to Main. It is just easier to go that way and go on to Church. I know. I worked right there at Grace and took that route home every day. And also into work. Why mess with Main when you can go down Grace Street? But that was then. Not when the Grange is up and running traffic all over the place. 

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Grace Street cannot handle that much traffic, nor should they have to. It is a quiet little street and needs to remain that way. Also, where are the children going to go to school? Our schools aren’t prepared for all these kids. Is there going to be a nice big new grocery store? There is not one on that side of town now. 

None of our Isle of Wight infrastructure is prepared for this. All of this building all over the county is getting completely out of hand. The supervisors need to get off of their high horses and listen to the people. We are the ones who live here and we are the ones who matter. We want country, not Newport News. 

As far as the Grange drawing goes, I think it looks like it belongs in Newport News.


Linda Reagan