Letter – He regrets supporting Tynes

Published 6:23 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I will be retiring as the District 1 representative on the Isle of Wight County Board of Supervisors at the end of this year. It has been an honor to have served the Smithfield District for two terms.  

I leave this position with few regrets, save one. I regret assisting Mrs. Denise Tynes in getting elected to the school board in 2020. I had believed that her experience on the Town Council and as a former school board member would provide the fiscal acumen the school board sorely lacked. I felt that we could work together for the betterment of our children. Sadly that is not the case.

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Last year, I found out that she had recorded at least one of our many conversations without my approval or knowledge. Not only did she “accidently” record a conversation, but she has selectively shared portions of the conversation with others in an effort to make me out to be racist. Since finding that out, I have been unable to trust or work with her.

However, it is her actions as a board member and as last year’s chairperson that provide further proof that I was wrong in supporting her. She was the leading force in appointing two interim board members who could not get elected when they ran for office last November. As chair, she refused to meet with the county Board of Supervisors to discuss either operating or capital school needs.  

One of the primary responsibilities of school boards is the financial oversight of school revenues and expenses. But her review, oversight and approval of the fiscal 2022-23 budget resulted in overspending the budget by $2.2 million.  

Since stepping down from the chair in January, she has voted against a school policy that prohibited sexually explicit material being used in kindergarten through eighth grade and only with parental approval 9 through 12. And against school policy INB, which brought the teaching of controversial issues in line with Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order No. 1. And I could go on.

This November, I will be voting for Mrs. Brandi Perkins to replace Ms. Tynes. Hopefully you will join me in voting for Brandi and allowing Denise to join me in retirement. 


Dick Grice


Editor’s note: The Smithfield Times offered Ms. Tynes an opportunity to respond to the letter writer’s accusation that she recorded one or more of their phone conversations. She had not responded as of noon Sept. 11.