Letter – Eagle Harbor’s not a cut-through

Published 5:06 pm Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Here in Eagle Harbor Apartments in Carrollton, we have a bad problem with shipyard traffic racing through this private, residential property to avoid the traffic light to get to Smiths Neck Road, and it makes it dangerous for residents here.   

People who say.”too bad,” go tell that to the staff at the Eagle Harbor office. Just yesterday, one of the staff members came out of the office and was yelling at one of these idiots. Many have small children here, teens as well, and in the late afternoon they are getting off school buses. Older people are taking walks here, and many walk their dogs often.

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We would all like a solution to this dangerous driving and lack of respect for those who live here. They also blast through the stop sign by our mailboxes. Can’t read? How did you get the right to drive a vehicle?

Maybe a camera needs to be put in place or that lane through our residential area needs to end at the mailboxes to eliminate speed-through motorists altogether.


Linda Gould Steffey