Letter – Lots at stake in election

Published 5:10 pm Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Early voting starts soon and this is the most important election Virginia has had in decades. The choices have never been clearer on the state or local level. 

Democrats passed so many bad laws when they had total legislative control, it would take up the entire newspaper to print them all. Because they hold the state Senate, we are stuck with them unless we get Republicans back in. 

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One of the highlights is the law that mandates Virginia follow California’s emission standards. Think gas is high now or don’t want to be forced to drive an electric vehicle? Just wait until they go into effect. My second favorite is mandating that Dominion Power cap what it charges some people for electricity. Who pays what they don’t have to? You guessed it, YOU. They say it’s a small fee added to your bill, but what government-mandated fee ever stays small? 

I will say they are not ashamed of their moral standards, though. A Democratic candidate has been doing pornography on the internet for money, and when it was discovered, what Democrat condemned it? Not one. In fact, state Sen. Louise Lucas, D-Portsmouth, gave her stamp of approval. 

President Biden stated he wants Virginia to be Democratic, and what happens in this election is a reflection on how he has done his job. I say, tell him how good he has done by voting for Republicans Emily Brewer for Senate and Mike Dillender and Otto Wachsmann for House of Delegates.

Local elections for the Isle of Wight County School Board are also between the far-left radicals who want Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project and LGBTQ to take over the schools and conservatives who want to keep the our schools normal, believe that boys should not play girls sports and that teaching academics students can use in their futures is what is important. They also believe personal issues are for the parents and not the schools to decide. If you don’t want to go back to liberal insanity we had before, vote for Mark Wooster, Jason Maresh and Brandi Perkins.

For Board of Supervisors you have a person who Democrats call “their candidate” running against Pastor William McCarty. Unless you want your Board of Supervisors turning hard left and wasting your money, McCarty is your candidate. 


Volpe Boykin