Advice to Parents of Future First Grader Students

Published 8:25 am Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Once we were also children, once in our life there was also a trip to the first grade for the first time. Remember your feelings, become small children for a moment, and it will be easier for you to understand your little first grader. 

Everything unknown causes fear and uncertainty. Someone easily copes with it, and someone finds it difficult. The task of parents is to go through this adaptation period with their child as quickly and as easily as possible. Here are some tips from psychologists and parents of first-graders.

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Top Tips for Future First Graders

So, what should you so make your child feel as comfortable and easy at it can before school? Discover our top tips:

Start preparing for the first trip to school in advance

Establish an optimal daily routine for the baby, remember that the sleep duration of children aged 6-7 years is still quite long, at least 10-11 hours. Do not forget that rest should also be in the schedule, make breaks both passive from “just lying down” and active, preferably in the fresh air.

The game perfectly adapts children to school

Grab your friends, pack small bags of snacks and school supplies and books, and head out into nature. Let it be a rehearsal for the school picnic. Lay out notebooks and pencils in nature, conduct a lesson in a playful way. Encourage the kids to be included in different roles, one of them can be a teacher, and someone can be a director. It is optimal if you have 5-6 friends of the same age in your company, but even just parents with children can successfully play this game.

Here are some important tips for you to follow:

  1. Tell your children about yourself at their age, talk about the difficulties you managed to solve, ask the child how he would solve this or that issue.
  2. Tell the child about the new status that he acquires when he goes to school. That a schoolboy is cool, it is already responsible. What important events will take place at school that will bring new skills and knowledge to your child.
  3. Be sure to go on an excursion to the school together with the child where he will study, introduce the child to his teacher in advance.
  4. Be very sincere with the child, because trust is the main thing not only in easy adaptation, but also in education in general.


There are many tips, but the most important one is to love your child, take his fears seriously, do not mock or laugh at his condition. Do not forget that you can easily cope with some problems, because you already have experience, and your child is still gaining it. Together you will overcome everything! Keep calm and use common sense.