Letter – County board needs Torre

Published 7:50 pm Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I support Chris Torre to represent District 1 on the Board of Supervisors. I will write in his name – as posted on the signs throughout District 1 – under Renee Rountree, who, prior to Chris beginning his campaign, was running unopposed.  

Chris has stated his priorities are planned, managed growth; fiscal responsibility and being a representative of the citizens of Isle of Wight. Please see more at www.christorre.com.  

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Chris has over 41 years’ experience in the commercial construction industry, the last years as the owner of his own commercial construction company. Chris specialized in high-end construction. He has been in front of dozens of planning commissions and boards/councils and knows what leaders should expect from developers. 

Chris worked tirelessly to demonstrate that both the town and county were moving forward far too quickly in approving taxpayer funding for the proposed Grange development in historic Smithfield, demonstrating that the financial demands of the developer, for millions of dollars, were inappropriate and unprecedented. County and town leaders, to include Dick Grice and Renee Rountree, weren’t interested in listening. Chris then reached out to citizens with research, documentation and scenarios to demonstrate what could happen if the Grange was approved.  

Chris doesn’t just talk about concerns and ideas – he acts.  

In sharp contrast, Renee Rountree, in less than three years on Town Council, has led efforts to approve over 1,100 new residential units in the Town of Smithfield: 

  • Made the motion to approve all rezoning and permits associated with Mallory Scott development in July 2021.
  • Made the motion to approve 300 more residential units in the town and made the motion to approve Grange development the first time it came before Town Council on Aug. 1.  

Renee, who casts herself as a fiscal conservative, was the first to make a motion for unprecedented taxpayer support of the Grange:  

  • Motion for the town to negotiate with the county and obligate up to $3 million (see Town Council minutes, Jan. 4, 2022)
  • Motion to obligate up to $1.4 million (TC minutes, Oct. 5, 2022) 

Read the minutes of the meetings (available on town and www.christorre.com websites) or watch the video on the town Facebook page of the Grange meetings.  Renee demonstrates a disinterest, even a disdain, for citizen concerns but true empathy for the developer.  

Please vote for write-in candidate Chris Torre. A candidate who cares.   


Leah Walker