Letter -Dial wrong about Wooster

Published 7:52 pm Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I would like to address inaccuracies contained in a letter to the editor from Renee Dial (“Wooster bad for IW schools,” Sept. 27). 

Dial stated that Mr. Wooster wrote, voted and passed Policy INB, “Teaching About Controversial Issues.” While he voted to approve it, her statement that he wrote it is false. It’s clear that Dial either does not have or refuses to accept the facts surrounding this policy. 

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Once again, it has been made very clear that accurate, factual history must be taught to our students. This policy prohibits teachers from teaching their own personal biases or political beliefs, thus allowing students to form their own opinions based on facts, not political agendas, which should be common sense, but I realize there are people out there who lack that. 

Dial contends teachers and parents are being pitted against each other. This is false. Parents have the fundamental right to be in control of their child’s education. This allows parents and teachers to work together for what is best for their child. Dial states that books are being removed that provide accurate history. I challenge her to provide as evidence a list of books and the schools where this is happening.

The policy Mr. Wooster did author is Policy IIA, “Instructional Materials.” Many parents, including myself, brought concerns and proof of sexually explicit content within instructional materials to the previous school board’s attention, of which Ms. Dial was a member. Those concerns were dismissed by most of the board. Starting on March 30, 2022, Dial voted three times against removing this content in IWCS.

After Wooster won the special election, he worked on revising Policy IIA, which now restricts sexually explicit content in grades PK-8 and requires parental notification in grades 9-12, allowing parents to decide what is appropriate for their children. If a parent wants their child to watch a video of how to put a condom on a banana, then they should be the ones to show it, not IWCS. Yes, that was one of many sexual resources on IWCS’ laptops.

Keep honesty, integrity and transparency in our schools. Vote J. Mark Wooster on Nov. 7.


Jennifer Boykin