Letter – McCarty earns voters’ support

Published 4:43 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

This is a quick note just to say that Pastor William M. McCarty has given his life to serving our community. 

Has anyone ever looked at the things he has been a part of or the services he has helped to provide citizens in the county all these years? From the trash pickup on Smith’s Neck to the numerous outreaches done on their church grounds, he is engaged with the community and authentically cares. He is approachable and visible, not just in coming out of hiding at the time for election consideration. 

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I know he will continue to do well, keeping taxes low, funding education, bolstering public safety and so much more. How do I know this? They say to look behind a person to see what they have done, and as I look in the way of his representation in our county, I see these very things that I know McCarty will continue to do and many see the good as well. 

Too many rush to blame him for developments approved all the way back to 1978. No one pays attention to the law anymore. We just rail against everything, and he is the lightning rod, or so it seems all too often. He, indeed, has added value here. 

Do not listen to the gossipers or pot stirrers who foolishly say he is getting paid by developers; what a horrifying charge and no proof whatsoever. He has not been hiding from us voters. Last I checked, his opponent doesn’t even answer questions so we can see where they stand. 

Voting for McCarty for District 2!


Wayne Osborne