Surry Board of Supervisors Claremont District candidate: Susan Corvello

Published 9:59 am Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Editor’s note: Susan Corvello is running against Robert Elliott Jr. for the Claremont District seat on Surry County’s Board of Supervisors. The Smithfield Times sent the following questionnaire to both candidates.

Age: 57

Occupation: Manager at Farmers United

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Prior elected offices held: None

1. Can you briefly summarize why you decided to run for the Board of Supervisors?

After attending many BOS meetings in the past I felt like the citizens were not getting the feedback from their Board members and the decisions were not being made with the citizens in mind.

2. What should be Surry County’s top priority right now?

Finding businesses to fill our two Industrial Parks.

3. What more can Surry County do to ensure a timely response to ambulance calls?

 I understand that Mr. Phelps is trying to put together a community program to help out with medical issues.  I would like to look at bringing in a minor emergency center into Surry.  We have an industrial park that is available for businesses that we need to start looking into filling.

4. Did the supervisors make the right decision in June by lowering the real estate tax rate to 71 cents per $100 in light of reassessed property values, and postponing a $4 million, two-year plan for parks and recreation improvements? Why or why not?

No, I believe they could have reduced the tax rate to .68 and still made more money than they did last year.  In the public comments I stated that the taxes I  have paid have risen over the past 4 years and with the last assessments we should have helped out the citizens and the money they will be paying the county this year after having increased just this past December.  Yes I agree with postponing the Parks and Recreation project.  I also believe that there needs to be more input from all citizens, not just a meeting here and there when you are talking about a $4 million project.  

5. Does Surry County contribute too little, too much, or just enough local money to its school system? 

I believe there could be some more discussion on the school budget.

6. Did the supervisors make the right decision in April when they amended Surry’s comprehensive plan to limit solar farms to 10% of the county’s developable land? Why or why not?

They should make it even lower.  We do not know how these Solar Farms are going to end up doing for our county and as a citizen I have not seen where they have done anything for us.  We have had more complaints from the new Solar Project that is going on at the Isle of Wight/Surry county line.  I am not a fan of any more Solar Farms coming into Surry.  

7. What can be done to reverse Surry County’s decades-long trend of declining population?

We need to improve our way of spending and reduce the taxes and people need to be held accountable.  We need to look into affordable housing for our younger adults to be able to afford and bring in more good paying jobs and look into possibly bringing some Trade Schools for our High School students.