Letter – Don’t be fooled by Brewer

Published 4:51 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Back during the Republican primary for Virginia Senate District 17, candidate Emily Brewer touted her right-wing positions, including her support for Donald Trump, abortion restrictions and unlimited gun rights, and blasted her fellow Republican candidate, Hermie Sadler, for not being sufficiently far-right.   

Now that she’s running in a general election, however, she’s GREATLY toned down the “stands with Trump,” anti-abortion and gun-happy rhetoric and is hiding her radical views behind a middle-of-the-road economic message that attempts to portray her as a moderate candidate (except, of course, for that TV-ad hatchet job against Clint Jenkins in which she tried to equate an accusation with a conviction).  

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Don’t buy it! Just as Gov. Glenn Youngkin portrayed himself as a moderate during his campaign, Brewer is, likewise, doing her best to hide her real positions from Senate District 17 voters.  Vote for Democrat Clint Jenkins, who isn’t afraid to publicly state what he stands for and who is prepared to represent ALL citizens.  


Deborah Wyld