Letter – McCarty is great leader

Published 4:49 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

It’s easy to be in charge of something. It’s easy to be a “leader” and to have the title. However, it is difficult to be a great leader. 

What are the qualities that make up a great leader? A great leader is strong, level-headed and unswayed by loud opinions. A great leader is caring, humble and serves others. I think William “Pastor Mac” McCarthy exhibits the qualities of a great leader. He isn’t just here for the title of pastor or title of supervisor of District 2. He’s here to make a difference and to serve the people in this community in whatever capacity he is in. 

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I have confidence in his ability to lead as a pastor and as an elected official. I think Pastor Mac is needed in this community and those voting on Nov. 7 should reelect him.


Madison Ebel