Letter – No confusion: Smith for clerk

Published 4:46 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

If you have a mailbox or a television you know that it’s election time. No doubt your mailbox, like mine, gets filled every day with claims from candidates for various offices. Often the information found in those flyers is confusing and conflicting. 

Likewise no doubt you’ve seen television ads that have caused you to question your thinking  about some of those candidates. In the local race for the Clerk of Court in Isle of Wight County there’s absolutely NO CONFUSION in my mind as to who the correct choice is! Laura Smith (born and raised  here) is familiar with the county and its workings. I’ve had several occasions to visit the courthouse on various matters – some more complex than others – and on EVERY occasion I’ve found that Laura knew exactly how to help me. 

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While there, I’ve also witnessed Laura helping co-workers as well as citizens who’ve come into the clerk’s office. Laura is knowledgeable and professional and not only that she’s a pleasant person! The sign in my yard advises “Vote for Laura Smith for Clerk of Court – Trusted Experience.” I, for one, plan to cast my vote for Laura Smith believing her experience here makes her the ONLY logical choice!


Rebecca Gwaltney