Letter – She supports Susan Corvello

Published 4:46 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

In this year’s election, Susan Corvello is running for the Claremont/Spring Grove seat on the Surry County Board of Supervisors. Susan puts citizens first when it comes to our county government. 

Her focus is to bring accountability and fiscal responsibility to the decision-making process of our county leadership. She has represented the voice of Surry citizens for many years in her work to improve community relations and to shed light on issues that have been ignored by county leaders.

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The Surry County Board of Supervisors consists of five representatives and most seats have multiple candidates. Voters can only vote for candidates within their district. When the board comes together, we have seen how districts can vote together and exclude the minority votes. Susan wants to work for decisions that take all citizens’ views into account and to recognize the assets our county has — beautiful rural life, national historical significance, access to local waterways, agriculture and tourism. She wants to promote growth for jobs and commerce using resources we already have — two underutilized industrial parks, health care options, outdoor tourism and small businesses.

I hope my neighbors in the Claremont/Spring Grove District will vote for Susan and we can start to have a board that is working together for the whole county.


Dianne Cheek