Letter – Mobs have no respect for law

Published 5:20 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

It’s absolutely despicable that the current young generation has absolutely no respect for authority or property today.

The incident on Oct. 15 of a massive swarm of human stupidity using the Carrollton Food Lion as a place to race cars doing donuts while taunting police, with one even on video standing on the front of a sheriff’s vehicle, is appalling.

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This follows another incident at the Hampton NetCenter, where a group stole shipyard buses and raced them through the parking lot, with one even standing on the roof as it was captured on cellphone video.

Other postings to TikTok also took place in Norfolk and Yorktown, where the crowds overwhelm a Wawa and threaten police. 

Such criminal thug behavior demands the strongest response with a zero-tolerance attitude from the commonwealth’s attorney as well as a deliberate effort by the public to help identify these individuals who got away.

They have zero regard for anyone else or any personal property and they think threatening law enforcement is something to be proud of. The only response is maximum jail sentences or else we will see more of this nonsense that will definitely escalate in severity.


Dave Lyons