Takes Surry’s  Rollins to task

Published 5:19 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Last week, Surry County Administrator Melissa Rollins wrote a response to a letter to the editor from Thomas Byrd concerning Dendron citizens using the community center located in Dendron for a Christmas gathering.

Ms. Rollins, Mr. Byrd stated that Dendron citizens helped with work on the remodeling of the old post office. You state this work as an “allegation.” If Mr. Byrd stated the work took place, then it took place. You are basically calling him a liar. Shame on you! 

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At no point did Ms. Rollins state WHY Dendron cannot use the community center located in Dendron. I think it would be a good guess to assume that Thomas is planning our Christmas gathering for a Saturday evening in December. Is the schedule for the center so full that Dendron cannot use it? On a Saturday! 

We in Dendron are Surry County taxpayers and a lot of us are seniors, including me. In theory, Ms. Rollins, you work for us. How about working WITH us! For a change.


Hunter E. Lackey