How musicians in the UK succeed in casinos: incredible wins and exciting losses

Published 3:39 pm Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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Music and gambling are two sides of the same coin. Many musicians find casinos a source of inspiration, entertainment and adrenaline. They are not afraid to take risks and put their money, fame and reputation on the line. Some of them leave with a victory, others Рwith a defeat. In this article we will tell you about the most famous stories about musicians who became famous for their wins and losses in casinos, and we have also prepared for you a list of the best european casinos for uk players. 

Musicians in gambling: the answer to the adrenaline call

Why might musicians be attracted to casinos? One possible answer is the thirst for the thrills and emotions that accompany gambling for money. Musicians, like any creative people, are looking for new experiences and ways to express themselves. Casinos provide them with such an opportunity, allowing them to try their luck, compete with other players and enjoy the atmosphere of luxury and excitement.

Famous musicians who are fans of gambling include such stars as:

  • Frank Sinatra¬†

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The legendary singer and actor was one of the most famous visitors to Las Vegas, where he performed, drank, gambled and even owned a casino. Sinatra loved to play blackjack, baccarat and craps, placing huge bets and winning millions of dollars. He was also known for his generosity, handing out tips, gifts and even shares of his winnings to his friends and casino employees.

  • Gladys Knight

The popular soul singer admitted that she was addicted to gambling in the 80s, especially baccarat and sports betting. She lost a lot of money, ruining her relationships with her loved ones and risking her career. She was able to overcome her addiction through therapy and religion, and hasn’t gambled in casinos since.

  • Nelly

The famous rapper and songwriter also has a passion for gambling, especially poker. He has participated in several poker tournaments, including the World Series of Poker and the Caribbean Poker Adventure. He has also played in casinos with other celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey. Nelly considers poker a good way to have fun and test his skills.

Big wins: when the tune of happiness sounds in the casino

Some musicians not only play in casinos, but also win considerable sums of money in them. Here are some examples of lucky musicians who have made a fortune in casinos:


Musician Winning Game Casino
Sean Combs (P. Diddy) $750 000 Blackjack Hard Rock Casino, Las Vegas
Harry Styles $300 000 Roulette Pearl Room, Perth
Drake $200 000 Blackjack Hard Rock Casino, Atlantic City
50 Cent $500 000 Sports betting Online
Jay-Z $560 000 Craps Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas


Risky chords: stories of losing in the world of gambling

Unfortunately, not all musicians can boast of their successes in casinos. Some of them have faced failures that cost them dearly. Here are some stories about musicians who have lost a lot of money in casinos:

  • Scott Ian: the guitarist and lead singer of thrash metal band Anthrax likes to play poker, but he doesn’t always get lucky. He revealed that he once lost $200,000 at a casino in Monte Carlo playing against professional players. He admitted that it was his biggest mistake, and that he would not play poker at such high stakes again.

  • Lemmy: The leader and bassist of the band Motorhead was an avid fan of slot machines, which he called “one-armed bandits”. He spent a lot of money on them, sometimes without even noticing how much he was losing. He also played video poker, but without much success. He said he played casinos for fun, not to make money, and that he did not consider himself a gambling addict.

  • Glenn Frey: one of the founding members and lead vocalists of the rock band Eagles was also a fan of gambling. He often played blackjack and poker in Las Vegas where he had a house. He admitted that he lost a lot of money at casinos, but did not name the exact amount. He said that he plays at casinos for fun, not money, and that he has no regrets about his losses.


Gambling and entertainment is not only a way to spend money, but also a way to have fun, relax and forget about problems. Many musicians find in casinos a source of inspiration, creativity and friendship. We encourage you to try your luck at these casinos that we have recommended to you above. You will not regret your choice, as you will get the maximum pleasure and benefit from playing at these casinos.