iPhone Gestures You Probably Didn’t Know

Published 1:55 pm Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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iPhones have become an essential part of our daily lives, and apart from using them for daily needs, they are the luxurious items the owners want to show off. At the same time, not all iPhone users are familiar with quick gestures, which can enhance the user experience. Though basic gestures like swiping, tapping, and pinching are common, some more have yet to be widely known. So, today, we will dive deep into unveiling such hidden gestures that will help iPhone users operate their devices like a pro. 

Undo Feature

There is a very convenient undo feature you can apply just by slightly shaking your phone. So, while typing, if there is an error, instead of pressing the backspace, just shake your phone to undo the error, and a pop-up will suggest “Undo” for the last action. It is a convenient and efficient way to do the corrections. However, such a feature does not apply to other apps, especially when you are playing games like league of slots or any other. 

Customise Control

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With the customized control, you can access the functions of your phone quickly, and you can customize more control options, too, to keep your favorite and most needed apps on the shortcuts. To do so, you can either search Customise Control or enter your settings folder, then control settings and customize controls. You can set up the shortcuts by adding and deleting them per your preferences. Such controls include: 

  • Alarm
  • Notes
  • Magnifier
  • Calendar
  • Chat Shortcut
  • Gallery

Loupe Feature

Sometimes, you must focus on certain texts and want a magnified version. For such a purpose, iPhones have a “Loupe” feature. To activate the “Loupe” feature, press and hold the text that you want to see in a bigger size, and once you do that, a small magnifying glass will appear alongside the moveable text and help you read the text in a larger font size. 

Quick Accessibility

While using the phone, we often want to quickly move between the apps to finish our work without delay. So, this app switcher is a lesser-known feature to many iPhone users. which functions in a way that instead of pressing the home button to switch to another app, you just swipe your finger horizontally at the bottom edge of your iPhone. Ultimately, it provides a smooth transition between the apps that have been recently in use. So it provides a faster transition without any hindrance

Quick Preview Feature

This feature is available in the iPhone version with 3D touch systems, mainly the iPhone 6 and the later models. Through the “Peek and Preview” gesture, the users can see the various apps and texts without going into details. For instance, if you lightly press the message option on your phone, you can “pee” into the folder’s contents without entering the details. This feature is workable for emails, photos, and links on your phone. 

Keyboard into Trackpad

Using the normal functions smartly is another flex for iPhone users. So, you can become one by turning your iPhone keyboard into a trackpad while typing and editing a text. This feature is also available for older devices without 3D touch, as the users can press and hold the spacebar for a second, and the trackpad mode gets activated. While on the 3D touch devices, you can press anywhere to activate this feature. With this feature, the keyboard on the screen disappears, and you can move the cursor anywhere just by dragging it with your fingers. It makes the editing process much quicker and more convenient. 

Quick Scrolling

While reading a long document, you want to go back to the top page, which can be time-consuming and patient testing. However, you can make it quicker by simply jumping to the top page by tapping on the top of the screen right at the palace, close to the status bar for time and battery. So, this feature will save a lot of scrolling time and effort that you had to navigate to the top page manually. 

Ignore or Silence the Incoming Calls

Sometimes, you want to avoid picking up a certain call while in a meeting or doing important work. While leaving your phone on rigging could be disturbing, you can quickly silence your incoming call by flipping your iPhone to the face downward. The device’s built-in sensor quickly recognizes this gesture, making the call silent. It is a safe and discreet way to manage calls during critical situations. 

Quick Notes

If you want to make quick notes while your iPhone is still locked, swipe to the home screen’s right side and locate the “Notes” in the widgets. By opening it, you can open the new notes without passing the security details, such as entering the passcode or using the Face ID. 


Learning these iPhone gestures can make your life easier and more efficient. Moreover, you will enjoy saving your time during critical situations. However, all you have to do is spend some time learning these features and exploring your device to see what’s hidden more.