Letter – Leaders can’t be amoral

Published 4:59 pm Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times

John Edwards’ “Short Rows” columns are informative and interesting reading about local history. I take no pleasure in taking issue with Mr. Edwards, but at times he has used his column as a liberal mouthpiece. 

This should not be allowed. He should have to write an opinion letter such as this like the rest of us. 

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In the past Mr. Edwards praised Hillary Clinton for “graciously” conceding to Trump (Smithfield Times, July 14, 2021). Nothing could be further from the truth. A few years ago in an interview with Jane Pauley she stated that Trump knew that he was an illegitimate president. Further, she referred to him as a human tornado. Just recently she referred to him as a Hitler type. 

By the way, we all know now the whole China thing was fabricated. And of course Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Chinese misinformation.” Joe never talked with Hunter about business? Hunter never made money from China? Liberals (including Al Gore) continue to say that Bush was “selected, not elected.” Democrats used to rail about election electronics; now they love it. Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists was an affirmation that the government should not dictate or interfere with the free exercise of religion. Mr. Edwards’ interpretation of Jefferson’s “wall of separation between Church and State” statement is a perversion of what Jefferson was communicating. 

Even in the letter Jefferson refers to the “common father and creator of man.” He even dares to “reciprocate your kind prayers.” Do what? He was president at the time! Imagine that! 

I suggest that Mr. Edwards’ article is a reaction to Mike Johnson becoming speaker of the House. We all have our opinions and morals based on our past teachings and living experiences and live out our lives accordingly. 

Yes, there have been heinous injustices from the beginning of mankind in the name of various gods and religions. Even so, we cannot have leaders who are amoral and rule from that vantage point. 

That being said, Mr. Edwards, I ask you, to what moral compass would you suggest our leaders adhere? 


Bob Hines