Crew Cab Van Hire vs Taxi – a Dilemma to Solve 

Published 5:11 pm Thursday, December 14, 2023 

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The choice of a vehicle can either make or break your trip. Some people claim a private taxi hire is the most convenient way to reach the desired spot. Others seek more flexibility when navigating cities, being unrelenting proponents of hiring cab vans. Which perspective is correct? We will try to discover the truth in this article.

When Rent a Crew Cab Van?

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Crew vans, also known as crew cab vans, are available in different sizes, configurations, and designs. On top of that, finding a suitable car for hire is possible both offline and online. The second option is more convenient as you can choose the needed vehicle, settle the details, as well as make payments right from the comfort of your home. is one of the most trusted and popular platforms for van hire. The choice is staggering and the pricing policy is completely transparent.

However, before hitting the “Rent” button, you should consider the perks that crew cab vans offer and whether they align with your requirements:

  • Ample seating space. Unlike standard taxis, crew vans are designed to fit people and their luggage. So, even if you travel heavily, you can still move from one place to another with comfort.
  • Reasonable pricing for group trips. If you travel with a large group, you can hire a crew cab van instead of several compact or even full-size cars, thus reducing overall trip expenses.
  • More control. You can customize the route according to your needs instead of depending on other people, which happens if you choose a minibus taxi hire.
  • Privacy. By driving a rented van on your own, you can steer clear of inconveniences and privacy violations, which is often the case in public transport.

When to Choose a Taxi?

Regardless of the listed advantages of small van hire, there are people who choose taxis for short and long-distance trips. The main reasons behind their choice are the following:

  • Convenience. You can easily find or hail a taxi, especially in urban areas for quick rides.
  • No parking worries. You don’t have to spend time looking for parking lots and this is the responsibility of a taxi driver.
  • One-off payment. You only need to pay once for your trip when you reach the destination. Therefore, you can forget about gas fees, payments for different extras like GPS, and similar hassles.
  • Experienced drivers. If you don’t have a driver’s licence but need to get somewhere, getting a taxi seems like a reasonable option. Besides, seasoned drivers can not only deliver you to the needed spot but also tell you about local attractions, the best places to have dinner, etc. 


There isn’t a universal transport that can meet the needs of every traveler. Taxis are demanded across the world, but crew cab vans are no less popular, and maybe even better for group travels. If you are planning to embark on a trip, think twice when choosing proper transport. The info from this article is bound to come in handy.