How to play Crazy Time live – rules and recommendations

Published 6:42 am Friday, December 15, 2023

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This online show is a classic gambling entertainment, occupying a leading position among the most popular casino games. slot goes beyond the usual formats, offering a complete game reminiscent of a wheel of fortune. The show is conducted by a professional croupier, which contributes to creating an authentic casino atmosphere.

An additional dimension is introduced into the game by a special slot located at the top of the screen, offering participants the chance to get additional multipliers with each spin.

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There are several key aspects of the game that participants need to understand:

  • Structure. The wheel is divided into 8 main groups with a total of 54 sectors.
  • Bets. Participants can place bets on one sector, several, or all at once. Individual settings are provided for each cell, allowing for different amounts to be set.
  • Spin initiation. The spin starts immediately after the croupier accepts all bets.
  • Activation of the multiplier slot. Concurrently with the start of the wheel spinning, a slot is activated, which can provide additional advantages to certain sectors. The bonus is activated when the section and multiplier align horizontally.
  • Winning. Bets that match the sector where the wheel stops are considered winning.
  • Statistics. In the lower right corner of the screen, there is a statistics panel of previous rounds. Gamblers can watch the game online, analyzing its progress and strategies before starting spins.

These features help users better understand the game mechanics and develop effective strategies for their bets.

How to start playing entertainment

The process of starting spins in this entertainment is virtually no different from regular slots. To start playing Crazy Time live, participants should follow these steps:

  • Choosing a Gaming Venue. Visit the website of the preferred online casino. It’s better to select clubs with licenses.
  • Registration and Deposit. Register on the site for real money play, entering personal data and confirming contact information. Deposit a comfortable amount to the balance.
  • Transition to the Game. Find the Live section or use the search bar, entering the name of the show.
  • Placing Bets. Make a bet, selecting one or multiple sectors and specifying the amount for each. Press the play button, after which the dealer will start the wheel spinning. If the chosen sector is guessed correctly, the participant receives a win.
  • Withdrawal of Funds. To withdraw winnings, it’s necessary to undergo an identity verification process, submitting scans of documents. Choose a convenient payment system for transferring funds, specify the amount, and confirm the application, waiting for the credit to the account.

These steps will help users start the entertainment and immerse themselves in the exciting world of the wheel of fortune.

Control panel and interface

The interface and settings of the show stand out with their recognizable design, characteristic of the products of this developer. The organization of control elements and functionalities is aimed at convenience and ease of use. In the upper left corner of the screen, there is a “Betting Limits” panel, where the minimum and maximum permissible betting amounts per round are indicated. In the upper right corner, there are seven key functional buttons:

  • Chat. The button allows opening or hiding the chat window.
  • Video. Provides the option to switch between full and reduced screen view, which is especially convenient with slow internet.
  • Sound. Controls the sound accompaniment, including turning it on and off and adjusting the volume.
  • Settings. A settings tab where users can choose a nickname, change the quality of the broadcast, and adjust studio sound.
  • History. Shows the history of previous spins, including types and sizes of bets, as well as amounts of wins or losses.
  • Rules. Access to detailed information about the entertainment, including rules, bonus rounds, payouts, and other details.
  • Full-screen. A feature that allows expanding the broadcast to full screen.

Such an organization of the interface and settings provides gamblers with a comfortable and intuitive gaming environment.

Description of the wheel and its segments

The wheel in this show is bright and has impressive dimensions. It consists of 54 sectors, which include multipliers and additional bonuses with various values and coefficients:

  • The number 1 occupies 21 sectors and has a multiplier of 1x.
  • The number 2 occupies 13 sectors and has a multiplier of 2x.
  • The number 5 occupies 7 sectors and has a multiplier of 5x.
  • The number 10 occupies 4 sectors and has a multiplier of 10x.
  • Crazy Time occupies 1 sector with a maximum win of x20000.
  • Pachinko occupies 2 cells with a maximum win of x10000.
  • Cash Hunt occupies 2 cells with a maximum win of x10000.
  • Coin Flip occupies 4 sectors with a maximum win of x5000.

Participants have approximately a 16% chance of landing on bonus segments in each wheel spin, meaning such rounds occur roughly every 6-7 spins.

Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

Crazy Time stands out for its thrilling and unique features, making each spin of the wheel unpredictable and exciting. The bonus rounds include:

  1. Coin Flip. It incorporates an element of randomness using a coin with two sides, each with different multipliers. The multipliers are determined randomly before the round begins, and the host flips the coin to determine which coefficient will be applied to the bet.
  2. Cash Hunt. This is an interactive shooting gallery-style round, where users choose one of many targets. Each target hides a multiplier, and the gambler’s decision determines the size of their win.
  3. Pachinko. Inspired by the classic Japanese game, it includes a ball falling through a series of obstacles and pegs before landing in one of the multiplier zones at the bottom. The win depends on the landing zone of the ball.
  4. Crazy Time. The most thrilling and potentially lucrative bonus, transporting visitors to a room with a giant wheel of fortune. Users choose one of the arrow options before the wheel starts spinning, which determines the size of their potential prize.

These bonuses offer an exciting gambling experience, combining elements of luck, intuition, and strategy, promising each participant an enthralling adventure and a chance for a big win.

Strategies for playing Crazy Time

In Crazy Time, various betting strategies can be employed to increase chances of success and minimize potential risks. Here are some examples of tactics that can be used in the game:

  • Variety of Bets. A basic strategy involves placing bets on different sectors of the wheel, including numerical values and bonus rounds. This increases the chances of winning in each spin.
  • Focusing on Low Multipliers. Betting on sectors with smaller multipliers, such as 1 and 2, can provide more frequent, albeit smaller, wins. This reduces risk but also lowers potential rewards.
  • Martingale Strategy. This tactic involves doubling the bet after each loss, aiming to recover losses in the next winning spin.
  • Focus on Bonus Rounds. Betting on bonus sectors, such as Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time, can lead to substantial wins. However, these cells appear less frequently, making this strategy riskier.

Additionally, in this game, it’s important to use statistics. Experienced gamblers often analyze previous rounds to determine which segments appear most frequently, and adapt their strategy accordingly.