Letter – Discouraged about world

Published 8:13 pm Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Editor,  The Smithfield Times:

During this Christmas season, I think back on my life for the last 80 years and am saddened to remember how our world has changed and not for the better, but worse.

We no longer choose birth control but now wish to kill our own kind. Children no longer have parents but buddies. They no longer think for themselves but do as their peers do.

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Religions do not work. We still have wars. We still have hate. Those without self-control or self-discipline turn to the gun instead of sitting down and working out problems.  

We still go out and shoot innocent animals but many not to eat, but for blood lust and fun. We teach our children this and not to respect nature or the rights of other living forms around us, let alone our own kind.  

We will answer for this at some point for this is a negative energy in the earth. Animals live in the fourth dimension and know about unconditional love unlike we humans. We torture them in factory farms and slaughter them before they are dead, even skin them alive.

Ahh, but we have the Bible and religions and we are civilized? I think not!


Linda Gould Steffey