Choosing Your First Valorant Agent: Roles and Recommended Starters

Published 12:07 pm Wednesday, January 3, 2024

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Sooner or later, both disappointed Overwatch fans and tired of the monotony of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players try Valorant. Those of them who like the game face a serious question: which Valorant agent should a newcomer choose? Unlike Overwatch, where all heroes are available immediately, Riot Games’ tactical shooter is made according to the same formula as League of Legends: only some starting agents are available to the player, and the rest must be slowly unlocked one by one or bought for real money if you want everything and straightaway.

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The easiest way to figure out how to play correctly is to use services like valorant boosting when professional players help with leveling, coaching, and completing game content. This is an excellent opportunity for any player (even if they are not beginners) to watch how professionals play and adopt gamer tricks. To figure out how to start playing correctly, you should also familiarize yourself with general information about the agents in the game.

Valorant Agent Roles

Each Valorant agent fills one of four roles, but they should not be treated as rigidly as the roles in an MMORPG, where the tank must tank and the healer must heal. The role in Valorant characterizes the agent’s strengths, and what the character is particularly good at, but this does not mean that he is not capable of handling other tasks. So, who are our heroes? 


The abilities of this role are aimed at causing damage to opponents and preserving your own life. The strengths of duelists are mobility, damage, and sometimes control – everything that allows them to shoot the enemy and survive. Duelists typically play aggressively and get more kills than other roles, allowing them to accumulate ultimate abilities faster. 


The main task of this role is to bring chaos to the ranks of enemies, push them back from convenient positions, and provide the team with information about opponents. Blinding, stunning, suppressing, tracking – all this deprives your opponent of the opportunity to shoot at you and your allies and forces you to frantically look for a new position and make mistakes that your duelists must take advantage of. 


Their task is to prepare the area for Allied actions. This character controls abilities affect areas of the map and are used from a safe distance, allowing allies to carry out a successful attack or, conversely, complicate the attack of opponents. 


This role specializes in defense and flank protection. The Sentinels’ abilities allow them to single-handedly control several key areas of the map and warn the team of approaching enemies.

Agents to start


It is not difficult to play a Brimstone. All of the agent’s abilities are simple, and the ability to help the team with tactical smoke directly from the global map quickly develops an understanding of the game’s strategy. The stim beacon is a handy ability in group firefights: every ally caught in its area of effect, including Brimstone himself, receives a useful buff to their speed of fire and movement. This ability feels especially powerful in pistol rounds but is good at all stages of the game. An incendiary grenade is a regular grenade that leaves a puddle of napalm. A good way to prevent the enemy from clearing a spike or from using a narrow passage. Napalm causes damage not only to enemies, but also to allies, and even to Brimstone himself. Skysmoke is Brimstone’s signature ability, which is why it is taken for. Open the global map and drop up to three smoke bombs at the desired points, creating balls of invisible smoke. Brimstone’s ultimate ability deals massive damage with the satellite cannon, but in practice rarely produces kills. Most often, this is an effective way to force the enemy out of a fairly large area, rather than kill him. Brimstone is a good choice for a beginner who is learning the role of a specialist. It is easy to learn the tactical side of the game, and the ability to set smokes will later be useful for other agents with the same role.


The main advantage of Jett is mobility, both horizontal and vertical. The Rise ability allows her to fly into the air, and when she holds a jump, she can hover above the ground without fear of taking damage when falling. Thanks to this ability, Jett can occupy high positions that most other agents cannot reach and attack opponents from unexpected angles. A tailwind allows Jett to dash in the direction of travel. Vortex is the only control ability in Jett’s arsenal. This is a grenade that briefly leaves a cloud impenetrable to view at the explosion site. Ultimate Jett replaces her weapons with deadly knives, the accuracy of which does not decrease while moving. Jett is one of the basic agents available to everyone, but this does not mean that he is a weak character. On the contrary, on the pro scene, we see a nimble Korean woman in almost every match.

Now you know everything you need to choose your first agent and answer this question for yourself. The good news is that it won’t take you more than an hour of play to unlock the agents featured.