Letter – While we’re renaming …

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

If we have time and money to spend discussing renamings, let’s start with the county and take it back to Warraskoyack, one of the eight original shires. 

And there is a long, long, very long list of women who could be recognized for their good works, like Elizabeth Bray Allen, who founded the Free School on South Mason Street (which used to be called Driver’s Alley). 

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As for women, we could select pretty much any spouse of an “important” man and honor them, as they were the heads of house, taking care of large families, farms, running successful businesses and much else while men waged war. Doing everything the men did, except they did it while dancing backward, in heels and hobble skirts, carrying a papoose or two. 

We do appreciate the work that everyone puts in, and these two didn’t do it for recognition. I bet if we were able to ask Mr. James Chapman or Mr. Carter Williams about the proposals, they would be embarrassed about even the time spent in discussion. 

Thanks for the article on this matter. 


Kent B. Lewis