Trending kitchens poaching interior designers’ focus this season

Published 2:28 pm Thursday, March 7, 2024

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If last season, you would see statement lighting, hidden pantries, custom statement hoods, and non-stainless-steel details everywhere, the current moment is witnessing the breakthrough of completely refreshed styles.

Suppose there’s a non-negotiable that’s always a soft spot for designers. In that case, this is represented by the replacement of kitchen cabinet doors, as an affordable, handy, and effortless method of breathing new air into an outdated and deteriorated cooking space without all the struggle usually involved in complete overhauls. Nevertheless, if you’re into reinventing your culinary room or, more beautifully, celebrating your first home through a trendy installation of hot kitchens, then you need to discover what interior designers are setting their sights on this spring. 

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Photo source: unsplash

Green kitchens are positioning themselves as leaders  

Green kitchens are returning stronger than ever, with new approaches changing their face for the modern homeowner to feel like they’re doing more than just associating their culinary space with a retreat oasis in the middle of nature.

Sage, one of the most fabulous greens for walls and cabinetry in the kitchen, is springing up everywhere thanks to its capacity to blend the right amount of green in. More precisely, sage in kitchens looks rather earthy, calming, and muted, exuding a sense of sophistication and tranquillity over all, bringing a new alternative to more conventional hues for the culinary room. 

Moreover, bright green cabinetry pieces are rising as viable options for those looking to make a bold statement and disregard neutrality, creating a luxurious design when paired with gold knobs or marble counters, among other flashy elements.

Ubiquitous browns are making a comeback 

Moody, warming, rich, and cosy browns have lately been left in the dark in favour of other, more expressive hues. So, if you’ve been pondering getting rid of the hazelnut-like nuances in your culinary space, you’re not to be judged. Reasonably, you’ve been keeping up with the trends and designers’ ever-changing preferences. However, it’s equally pertinent to advise you to stop and give such undertaking a second thought if your kitchen’s walls or cabinetry boasts brownish hues. 

This nuance is returning as its versatility is making its way back to homeowners’ hearts, who are now seeking some uniformity in their homes, as well as colours that blend in with an abundance of details, décor pieces, vintage gems, and other beloved elements. 


Whites haven’t left – they’re resurfacing with a twist 

It’s not like whites will ever leave our homes to speak the truth. However, tasteless, dull whites that communicate nothing about the kitchen owner are taking a step back to create room for bolder, glossier white hues. 

A pristine white cooking space can appear like it was stolen from a home interior magazine’s page, airy and light as it is. The versatile hue encourages and suits minimalist design schemes, abundant in transparent and clean lines, as well as satiny cabinetry.  

Simultaneously, warmer off-whites invite marble, golden accents, woods, and other sophisticated elements and accessories, ensuring the owner that the makeover will add a touch of refinement.

Blended-in backsplashes are becoming all the rage

It’s undeniable that every kitchen where cooking is a commonality needs a backsplash or something that will protect the wall from any splashes, spillages, and dirt that could affect the paint’s integrity. However, only installing such blessing materials isn’t enough – there are boundless ways to approach them so that they serve aesthetic purposes. 

Designers usually resort to tile for these elements, but lately, there’s been an inclination toward quarts or stone slabs. This material is often found in the countertops as well, establishing a visual coherence and injecting graphic veining and stunning details in the kitchen. 

Natural wood cabinet units give warm kitchens new meanings

In a similar vein, home interior designers have sensed a rising need and desire from homeowners to spend time in nature-inspired kitchens, where tranquillity is literally at home. Natural, organic, and even artless cabinet surfaces are coming back front and centre this year, so prepare yourself for a kitchen design that will be difficult to bid farewell to when spring ends.

Browns, toffees, and beiges accompany these elements nicely if you’re into a chill and calming environment, just like off- and bone-whites are bringing a twist to a rather subtly refined kitchen.

So, which trend of the prominent five ones enumerated above would suit your style and kitchen?