Letter – Ignorant or immoral?

Published 7:47 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Ignorance comes from a lack of knowledge or a lack of accurate knowledge. When I think about plotting the trajectory of a spacecraft going to the moon I plead ignorance. By contrast, I do not plead ignorance about politics. 

Trump is not the only politician who lies. That is a certainty.  But, hands down,  he wins the gold medal.

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The person who wants to lead this nation again is the worst president in American history. Who can forget how he said that COVID-19 would be over in two weeks (drink bleach)? Who forgets how he cheated on each of his three wives? Who forgets how he fawned over North Korea’s dictator? Who forgets how he added more to the national debt than any other president? 

Who forgets how he dishonored military veterans? Who forgets how he publicly called for the execution of the Central Park Five, then refused to acknowledge that they were exonerated? Who forgets the “grab ‘em” comment, the pornstars and hush money, or the hundreds of millions of dollars in court judgments against him by jury trials?

The myth of Trump has been maintained by media and by leaders who either fear him or wish to profit by being associated with him. So do people who are not ignorant support him? Of course they do. Do people support his racism, xenophobia and misogyny and will they continue to support it? Yes.  

Why? Go back to the first sentence of this letter.  It could be because they lack knowledge, lack accurate knowledge or something else. There may be other reasons. However, there is one reason that they would refuse to look in the mirror and acknowledge. They could be immoral.


Jerry Tenney