Letter – Trump critic responds

Published 7:48 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

On Feb. 28, The Smithfield Times published a letter to the editor that I wrote titled “Put principle above politics.” In my letter I praised Liz Cheney for standing up against Donald Trump, and I agreed with her that Trump is ignorant. 

Last week the Times published responses to my letter from Warren White (“In response 

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to other letters”) and Linda Reagan (“Don’t denigrate Trump voters”).  So this is my response to them. I am sure The Smithfield Times loves political debate!

Starting with Mr. White, he tied Liz Cheney in with her notorious father, Dick Cheney, and the weapons of mass destruction fiasco that got us into the second Gulf War. What does that have to do with Liz and her stance against Trump? Mr. Warren also puts Ms. Cheney in with the “Deep State.” I ask, where is this Deep State? And where was it when Gov. Glenn Youngkin and his administration cleaned house? The Deep State is propaganda. 

The charges against Trump are a result of his own actions. I guess Mr. White does not trust the citizens on the grand juries that indicted Trump.

Linda Reagan stated that I called her ignorant since she is Republican. I did not. I stated that Trump is ignorant, though I did add that Republicans, and I meant our government Republican officials, especially Congress, are cowards and will not stand up to Trump, whom I see as a danger to our democracy. That was the main purpose of my letter. 

Linda is right that our economy did well with Trump, but he did add at least $4 trillion to our deficit that’s now $35 trillion. That’s where our inflation is coming from: ridiculous deficit spending, from both parties, which goes all the way back to Ronald Reagan. 

She also stated that “Trump knows a great deal about foreign policy.” Really? This is the man who said he would let the Russians “do whatever the hell they want” against NATO allies. I repeat: Trump is ignorant. 

To be clear, I am not a fan of Joe Biden, Linda is correct that our southern border is a disaster. Where was Biden on that issue three years ago? Like most Americans, I don’t want Trump or Biden on the ballot in November, but here we go. The presidential campaign is already very interesting.


Hunter E. Lackey