Gold vs. Fortune: Understanding the Currency System on Fortune Coins

Published 9:26 am Monday, April 1, 2024

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The core difference between sweepstakes and regular online casinos is their currency system. Sweepstakes usually operate on two currencies with different values and purposes. 

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If you are only starting to explore the world of sweepstakes casinos, you may not quite understand how this system works, but worry not; the explanation is quite straightforward.

In this overview, we’ll discuss the dual-currency nature of sweepstakes platforms by looking at one of the leading platforms in the industry —

Currencies of Fortune Coins

The two currencies you can obtain at the Fortune Coins casino include: 

  • Gold Coins are the casino’s non-redeemable currency. You can purchase or receive them as part of a promotion, but you can’t convert them into real rewards.
  • Fortune Coins are the casino’s redeemable coins. Once you play through them and reach a given minimum balance, you can redeem them for actual funds and gift cards. You can’t purchase Fortune Coins — you can only obtain them through promotions, get them as a bonus for acquiring Gold Coins, and receive them via mail-in requests.

Note: The names of these coins are not universal. Although most casinos refer to them as Gold Coins and Sweepstake Coins, this particular platform decided to brand their redeemable currency as Fortune Coins.

Redeeming Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins can be converted into real rewards and gift cards (FC 100=USD 1). However, the process isn’t as simple as it seems.

Namely, you must first play through all the Fortune Coins at least once. So, if you get FC 200  from a bonus, for example, your cumulative plays must be at least FC 200  to qualify for redemption. There’s also a minimum balance requirement of FC 5,000, equivalent to USD 50.

You can redeem Fortune Coins for gift cards or real funds using several trusted and secure payment options. The reward will arrive in 3–5 business days on average.

Is It Better to Play With Gold Coins or Fortune Coins? 

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You can switch between Fortune Coins and Gold Coins at will by pressing the corresponding buttons on the home screen.

As to which currency is better depends on your goals and current balance. If you came to sweepstakes casinos to win real rewards, you can only win with Fortune Coins. If you’re only there for fun, choose Gold Coins and enjoy yourself.

Since Fortune Coins are the more valuable currency, you can start with Gold Coins to learn the game and decide whether you like it or not, then switch to Fortune Coins when ready.

Do I Need to Purchase Gold Coins?

You will never be forced to purchase coins at sweepstakes platforms such as Fortune Coins. The sign-up incentive, daily login bonuses, hourly deals, tournaments, and other promotions secure a constant flow of GC and FC so your balance never runs dry.