Letter – Much worse off four years later

Published 7:07 pm Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Some people seem to think that repeating a lie makes it somehow true. From elderly voters to retired government high school teachers who should know better, they all continue to spout the same bald-faced lies about our 45th president, ignoring actual facts.

We had the most corrupt administration under Obama/Biden that literally spied on the Trump campaign, used the IRS and NSA to deliberately target and harass American citizens, including journalists, and used the CIA director and staffers to cover up their actions. Left-wing voters claim Biden “loves America,” yet he refuses to enforce the laws at the border, allowing Americans to be raped and killed by illegals, but spends billions on Ukraine to protect those borders.

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Fourteen different people present at the time were witnesses that President Trump did not visit the cemetery in France because the U.S. military refused to fly in bad weather. When he wanted to go by motorcade, the Secret Service refused because of the remote location. Yet an article from The Atlantic that is completely debunked garbage gets repeated over and over and ignorant left-wing voters think it’s true.

The only collusion with Russia took place between Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and Russian operatives. The truth is that Hillary used a fake dossier full of lies to discredit Trump, involving the FBI and some members of Congress, all part of a smear campaign. A self-made billionaire never needed Russia to run a campaign for office, but Hillary exposed national secrets to the Chinese through an illegal server and then destroyed evidence under subpoena with hammers to keep herself out of jail. The Chinese read her 33 million emails to this day.

For four years we had absolutely no wars, food was cheap and plentiful, and gas was very affordable. President Trump told us if Biden were elected that we’d have massive inflation, be at the brink of war, near collapse of the U.S. dollar, record-high gas prices and we’d be invaded by illegal aliens. Every single one of his predictions has come absolutely true.  

Last week we saw illegal aliens squatting in a house, and when the homeowner tried to protect her property, she was the one arrested!

We are witnessing the destruction of this country by corrupt incompetence under Biden. He can’t talk, can’t walk and can’t lead. Joe must go!


Dave Lyons