Does Audi have a future in F1?

Published 9:09 am Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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The famous German automaker Audi has a 115-year history. During this time, he managed to try his hand at various series of prestigious auto racing, but for some reason, he always ignored Formula 1. Currently, the company is ready to reconsider its attitude towards the “Royal Races” and allow us to see the logo with four rings on the legendary cars.

Should we expect Audi in F1?

In 2022, Audi announced their desire to participate in Formula 1. A few months later (at the beginning of 2023), the German automaker confirmed this with facts. He owned 70% of the Sauber Group, which owns the current Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber. After CEO Markus Duesmann left his post and was replaced by Gernot Döllner, Audi bought 100% of the Sauber Group shares and completely turned the team under its control into a factory one. The German automaker’s debut in Formula 1 is scheduled for the 2026 season.

Audi’s future role in F1

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When buying a car, some choose new items in car dealerships, while others crash Honda Accord, Audi A4, Ford Mustang, BMW X5 and other well-known models at special auctions. Both options have the right to exist, so everyone chooses the most optimal for themselves. Approximately the same thing happened in the situation with the likely arrival of Audi in Formula 1. Initially, the German company had two options for its participation in the championship, each of which could become the main one and bring it many benefits. The first provided for the supply of power plants for F1 cars, and the second was a full-fledged infusion into the Royal Races as a factory team. As a result, a more ambitious option was chosen, thanks to which, in 2026, we will see the Audi F1 Team at the start.

Andreas Seidl has been appointed CEO of Audi’s Formula 1 division. He will lead the project and determine the company’s role in it. Because the F1 regulations for the 2026 season will be significantly changed, special attention will need to be paid to the creation of the power unit. It should retain the current V6 engine architecture, but its electrical output should be increased. We will also have to look for solutions that will allow the power unit to operate efficiently on more environmentally friendly fuel. In addition, Audi will independently design other components of F1 cars and develop various additions to them.

Expectations and forecasts for the future

Even though it will still be almost two years until Audi’s debut in Formula 1, many experts are making predictions regarding the success of the new team. Some believe that Audi has everything it needs to be on par with such F1 giants as Ferrari, Red Bull, and Mercedes, while others do not believe in the project’s success. Most of the negative opinions were voiced after information appeared in the press about Audi’s possible refusal from Formula 1. According to journalists, this decision may be the low interest of Gernot Döllner in various racing projects. The German automaker denies this information, but we will find out whether there is any truth in it shortly.

The arrival of Audi in Formula 1 could become a landmark event for the championship. If this happens, then “Royal Racing” will receive another factory team, which will have enough funds and opportunities to become competitors to the leaders. So far, the chances of seeing the cars of the German automobile company on the starting grid are pretty high. I hope that in the time remaining until the debut, Audi will not change its mind and will not miss the opportunity to join the elite of motorsport.