Get More: Cashback or Rakeback at 1Win Casino?

Published 10:53 am Friday, April 19, 2024

The gambling space has evolved far enough for you not to get the best kind of gambling offers out there. Like other elite platforms, 1Win has also made sure its players only experience genuine gameplay with easy access to bonuses and promotions. Not to mention, this gambling brand proves to be reliable and trustworthy for punters in South Korea. 

Back to the bonus talk: If you are like many other players, and you are tired of seeing your bankroll lose value, this article is the best for you. Join us as we introduce you to two of the most outstanding bonus offers at 1Win 스포츠베팅: Cashback and Rakeback. It can be very confusing to state the differences between these offers. 

In this article, we will state the differences between cashback and rakeback and also give you expert tips on how to use them effectively. 

Fundamental Difference Between Cashback and Rakeback Offer at 1Win

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Here are some key differences between cashback and rakeback at 1Win:  

The Meaning of Cashback and Rakeback?

Cashbacks are simply bonuses in the form of cash that a casino rewards players after a while of playing. This reward is usually a way that an online gambling operator compensates players after playing and incurring losses over a period. It is offered as a net percentage of your losses and is available for all players at 1Win Casino. 

Rakeback, on the other hand, is also a form of loss compensation, but it is designed particularly for poker players at 1Win. It is a slice of rake that you have offered to the house during gameplay. This way, you get to claim more of these bonuses as you play longer at the casino. 

Who Can Get These Offers at 1Win?

Cashback is awarded to all kinds of players at 1Win. It does not matter if you prefer to play slots or table games, you can get cashback offers. It is usually awarded to players after a period of playing on the platform. What this means is that you can only claim your cashback after the stated period by the casino is up. For example, a weekly cashback will be available only after playing for that week. 

With rakeback, there is a bit of discrimination among players since only poker gamers at the casino can receive it. It is mostly awarded as part of VIP perks. 

Long-term Value

In the long run, these bonus offers are one to give any player a boost to their bankrolls. With Cashback, it is more like a safety option for bettors who like to enjoy games with little concern for losing. In addition to giving you the right boost for your bankroll, cashback also gives you the chance to stretch your gameplay and hopefully win along the way. 

Poker lovers are in for the best gameplay with rakebacks. Though it is released in fewer amounts, it still gives you the chance to boost your bankroll and play real money poker games at your disposal. 

Tips and Tricks To Take Advantage of Cashback and Rakeback at 1Win Casino

Now that you know what these bonuses entail, are you ready to take advantage of them at 1Win Casino? If yes, use the following expert tips and tricks to get the most from your cashback and rakeback: 

  • Commit All Your Resources: By adding these two offers together, you stand a chance to give your bankroll a further boost, which in turn, means more money when you wager. 
  • Join The Big Dogs and Go for the Ranks: Since the best cashback and rakeback can be found in loyalty and VIP programs, take the leap to join the big dogs, climb the ladder, and go for higher ranks. 
  • Never Miss Out On These Promos: Make sure you stay up to date and track these bonus offers. This way, you can immediately opt for them and never miss out when they are available for grabs.


The time is now! From this guide, you can already figure out the usefulness of both the rakeback and cashback to your gambling experience at 1Win Casino. So, what are you waiting for?