Letter-Appreciation by Historical Society

Published 6:51 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

The Isle of Wight County Historical Society deeply appreciates the significant community and regional support Sunday. We enjoyed an exciting afternoon in a mostly full Smithfield High School auditorium in the presence of a remarkable historical Virginian and public leader, Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay Jenkinson. 

It was gratifying to share the 200-year-old historical perspective of Jefferson’s remarkable life.  He portrayed his strong views on liberty, revolution and our role in the continued life of our republic. 

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We were also reminded of his authorship of the Declaration of Independence, the Virginia Statute for Religious Liberty, the Plan for the Government of the Western Territories and his Notes on the State of Virginia. He was Virginia’s second governor in the new United States and our third president during which time he oversaw the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon and the Lewis and Clark expedition to the Pacific Northwest and back. 

 We thank the helpful staff of Smithfield High School, the editorial support of The Smithfield Times and Jeff Johnson of the Smithfield Little Theater for coaching our first experience with online sales of several hundred tickets and box office check-in. We deeply appreciate the support of several sponsors who made it possible for a substantial number of students and several teachers to have this experience at no cost. A partner-sponsor was also the “1750 Courthouse,” our county courthouse during most of the period of Jefferson’s public service.  


Carolyn Keen, president    

Gerald Gwaltney, vice president

Jim Henderson, treasurer

Isle of Wight County Historical Society