Letter – Democracy gone awry

Published 6:49 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Churches on every corner 

Yet hate is everywhere. 

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What are the preachers preaching 

To combat this wave of fear? 


Where is the mass objection 

To democracy going wrong? 

How do we combine our powers 

To keep this country strong? 


Our democracy is losing 

To tyranny and lies, 

And if we don’t stop it now 

The freedom we know will die. 


Let’s stop this wave of hatred. 

Stop it dead in its tracks, 

’cause If we don’t do it now, 

There’ll be no turning back. 


Think elections don’t matter, 

That all will take care of itself? 

Think prayer is the only answer, 

And we need not do anything else? 


One person can’t solve this problem, 

Or make this dissension go away. 

We all must respond to this malignancy 

That’s leading to our country’s decay. 


No longer can we stand idly by 

While our freedom is being destroyed. 

We can no longer be silent, 

While enemies of democracy are deployed. 


Rise up! Speak up!  

Proclaim the present truth. 

That the battle for democracy hinges 

On what we say and do. 


How do we defeat this enemy? 

How can our democracy thrive? 

How do we protect our freedom? 

How will our country survive? 


Each person must look at self 

To determine his own truth, 

And commit to God and country, 

Then go to the voting booth.


Jessie Linyear