Reasons to Add Eye Serum to Your Skincare Routine

Published 8:56 am Monday, April 29, 2024

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The eye area is one of the major parts of your face that shows signs of aging. The skin around the eyes is thin, lacks fat, and has less oil than other areas. Like eye cream, eye serum with retinol can help reduce visible signs of aging, enhance eye hydration, and keep them looking fresh.

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INSTYTUTUM Eyemultitasker Retinol Serum is an ideal solution that will cover all your under-eye skincare needs. This is a professional product that provides a lot of benefits for the eye area.

Natalia Derkach, a founder of the INSTYTUTUM brand, believes that professional skincare is possible at home. The next-generation ingredients used in products provide a smooth and lifting effect while giving your skiing a boost of hydration.

Why you will love INSTYTUTUM eye serum

The Eyemultitasker Retinol Serum includes a super-concentrated formula with a 5% next-generation retinoid combination with hydroxypinacolone that enhances anti-aging benefits.

Retinoid-like active ingredients and rambutan extract complex can:

  • even skin texture
  • reduce wrinkles
  • help improve skin tone and elasticity for a more youthful complexion

White Flower Extract fights dark circles, reducing pigmentation and giving the upper eyelid a lifted effect.

Acmella Oleracea provides myorelaxant and instant smoothing effect on wrinkles, helping to renew the skin around the eyes. Squalane and ginseng root extracts are great natural emollients that moisturize the skin, making it firm and tightened.

Powerful tetra-peptide maintains collagen production and visibly improves skin elasticity. Shea butter, almond oil, provitamin B5, and vitamins E and B12 are combined to smooth, soothe, soften, and moisturize the skin in the eye area.

How to use Eyemultitasker Retinol Serum?

For the first step of your skincare routine is cleansing, you can use INSTYTUTUM HYDROPHILIC OIL TRANSFORMING MELTING CLEANSER that dissolves makeup, debris, and even micro-pollutions, making the skin supple and hydrated at the same time.

After cleansing in the evening, apply the serum and gently massage the eye contour area by patting it with your ring fingers until it is entirely absorbed.

To achieve a better effect, you can apply the Truly-Transforming Brightening Eye Cream. It diminishes wrinkles, visibly lifts the upper eyelid, brightens dark circles, and smoothes the skin.

Please note that the product should be applied gradually. Start with 1-2 times a week with a small amount and increase it depending on your skin’s tolerance. Use products with a high SPF during your AM skincare routine.

For instance, INSTYTUTUM Sunscription Dark Spot Defense SPF50 is an ideal solution to protect your skin from UVA/UVB and blue light. It can prevent signs of aging, brighten dark spots, and make the skin radiant and firm.


The area around the eye is the thinnest and requires careful and proper care. With INSTYTUTUM Eyemultitasker Retinol Serum, you can enjoy all the advantages of the effective retinoid complex.

This product is dermatology-tested and recommended by top doctors around the globe. Make your skin glow with approved skincare products!