Why a Sales Manager in the IT Sphere is the Coolest Job

Published 8:44 am Monday, May 20, 2024

A sales manager in the IT sphere is a specialist who attracts clients to the company, negotiates with them, and personally accompanies projects throughout the entire period of cooperation.

His/her main responsibilities are hiring, training, and providing professional development for the team that strives to finish all the weekly, monthly, or yearly goals perfectly.

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In a word, an indispensable specialist who will find a common language with the client and come to an agreement with the developers.

Is it a Specialist Who Makes the Cold Calls?

Today, in large and modern companies, such as https://noltic.com/ specializing in delivering Salesforce solutions, managers do not need to make cold calls at all. This is because data-driven advertising campaigns allow them to generate a constant flow of hot leads.

The sales manager’s task is to competently process incoming requests, interest potential clients, and lead them to a deal. Cold calling is usually done by telemarketers or call center employees.

What Does the Manager Do Then?

This person processes applications from potential clients, negotiates with customers, finds out their needs, offers solutions, helps develop a project concept that is suitable for a particular area of business, prepares contracts, issues invoices, and controls their payment. 

Typically, a sales manager in the IT sphere works by a sales plan, trying to fulfill it or exceed it. Such a manager also coordinates the work of the entire team of sales specialists and monitors the quality of the IT project and the timely provision of services to the clients.

Advantages of the Job

The advantages of this job are plentiful. Let’s briefly review only the core of them: 

  • active and interesting work related to diverse tasks;
  • participation in business events (seminars, trainings, conferences), as large companies hold events, participation in which provides a vivid and memorable experience;
  • expanding your circle of acquaintances and living an interesting social life;
  • work with interesting projects and software products in a team of professional developers, Internet marketers, and designers;
  • continuous professional growth, as the sales manager is always aware of the latest trends in the IT world;
  • great prospects for career growth, since 90% of top managers in the US were once sales managers.

Finally, your income as an IT sales manager is guaranteed to be above average with the ability to influence its amount.

Final Remarks

Any person with relevant education can be a sales manager in the IT sphere. The key quality of the applicant for this position is the desire to grow and develop in sales. That person must also be inquisitive and ready to learn new things. After all, modern sales approaches and applications are very specific, and the IT sphere does not stand still either. 

To achieve success in this profession, you need to constantly study marketing and sales, participate in training, and learn and absorb new technological trends. A sales manager in the IT sphere is not just a cool job, it is a form of race in which you need to constantly get better.