Letter – Surry ignores its citizens

Published 7:01 pm Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

The Surry County Board of Supervisors is telling the citizens that we are reading information incorrectly in the proposed fiscal 2024-25 budget and that the $10 million is not for just parks and recreation. Then they need to clarify what the budget presentation slide means when there is $10 million for “Parks/Rec swimming pool, amphitheater, banquet hall FY25.”

I attended both Board of Supervisors budget workshops with the expectation to hear some discussion on the plan for spending $10 million. Citizens expressed concerns about the budget in emails and in person. The board chair tells citizens that they are listening and all we need to do is reach out for answers.

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When and where were the discussions held on spending $10 million. Is this just an upgrade or whole new building? Not one time did anyone discuss a plan for this project during the meetings. The list of questions is endless for a project of this magnitude.

You have big dreams for our county and you compare our county to other localities. Do the work like other localities do to achieve success. After the dream, engage the community, not just once, build a plan, and determine what it will take to achieve the dream before borrowing so much money just because your financial adviser says you can afford it.

As discussed in one of your workshops, differences are good, but discord is not. Ignoring citizens’ questions is not good either. Unity in the community involves communication both ways.

There is a data center coming to this county that stated it will bring around $27 million a year. Let us

see if it comes to fruition and if so, use that tax revenue to accomplish dreams like this.


Susan Corvello

Spring Grove