Trusted 14 Platforms to Buy Instagram Followers for Visibility

Published 4:52 pm Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Instagram is the ideal platform for brand exposure and visibility given its large base of active monthly users that number over two billion. A large number of followers makes individuals influencers and businesses more successful. 

However, even if you’re lucky, it can take time and plenty of effort to achieve a large following. In fact, most never get there without some extra help: purchased Instagram followers.

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Here’s why. Two billion IG users create so much content that most of it never gets seen widely, and Instagram’s algorithms only give large audiences to accounts that are already popular.

If you want to quickly grow your account, you need to convince the algorithms that you deserve more exposure for your content. Buying real Insta followers tells them you’re becoming popular, and that gives you the visibility boost you need to have large numbers of new viewers decide to follow your account.

The word “real” is the important one in that last paragraph. The fake followers created with bots and sold by scammy websites won’t help; the algorithms know what’s going on, so they delete the fake interactions and penalize accounts using them. You need real followers with real IG accounts, and only reputable services sell them.

Here are the 14 best sites to use.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers


If you are pressed for time and want effortless Instagram growth, Buzzoid will deliver the strongest results you can purchase. Real followers from this experienced provider start working immediately to trigger unparalleled increases in account popularity and influence.

  • Buzzoid offers two different packages to choose from. Standard high-quality followers are available in packages from 100 to 20,000 real follows. More powerful premium follower packages deliver 500 to 10,000 follows and stronger growth.
  • All packages are available at affordable rates starting at just $2.97 for 100 followers.
  • The delivery is fast and efficient, with the service having delivered more than 4,803,483,216 followers over the years.
  • A user-friendly interface is fully secure and lets you order in less than a minute.
  • Customer support is available 24/7, quickly handling rare delivery issues, answering questions, or crafting custom packages.


For individuals and businesses looking to quickly boost their Instagram presence, Twicsy’s real followers are almost as effective as Buzzoid’s (and some influencers insist that Twicsy is an even better growth service).

  • Twicsy offers three different packages aimed at meeting the varying needs of users. You can choose between their high-quality standard followers, their active (premium) followers, and their celebrity/influencer followers; the higher options have more influence with Instagram’s algorithms and deliver stronger growth at slightly higher prices.
  • Twicsy’s packages are all reasonably priced, with smaller packages starting at less than three dollars.
  • The website and ordering system are expertly designed to deliver a smooth and fast experience when choosing and ordering followers, and secure servers and encrypted transactions ensure the protection of all customer information.
  • Exemplary customer support is available 24/7 to ensure all user queries and issues are addressed quickly and satisfactorily.


If you are looking to buy real Instagram followers safely and anonymously with guaranteed results, Rushmax is another great choice. The service jumpstarts growth at levels almost as high as Buzzoid and Twicsy, and Rushmax is quickly becoming a favored option for a growing number of IG power users.

  • A large choice of regular and premium followers is available, although Rushmax has a smaller maximum package of 5,000 real high-quality followers.
  • Rushmax never charges more for their followers than other high-end providers.
  • Lightning-fast delivery of all packages is guaranteed. 
  • User experience and 24-hour customer support are both outstanding.


InstaPort is newer to the Instagram service world but has already become a provider worthy of being mentioned in the same impressive group as Buzzoid, Twicsy, and Rushmax. The organic growth you’ll see from their real followers is on par with Rushmax, and sometimes even stronger.

  • InstaPort offers two different types of follower packages, standard and premium, both priced very fairly and delivered immediately. The smallest available pack provides 100 follows; the largest, 5,000.
  • The website is completely safe and secure, ordering takes less than a minute with the streamlined InstaPort system, and caring and expert customer support reps can be reached day and night.

The Rest of Our Top 14

Not all of the sites we’ve reviewed qualified for our top four, of course. These ten services all deliver real followers, but there’s at least one reason why they can’t match our superstar choices for quality, service, and support.

  • TheIGPros: This provider has been around almost as long as Twicsy, and is almost as good except for slow delivery times.
  • Follower Flow: They do most things right, but the real followers aren’t as high-quality as they could be.
  • InstaMiracle: Prices, follower quality, and growth are good, but not up to the level of our top four choices.
  • Genius Gram: You can choose the countries your followers live in, but you’ll pay a lot extra for the privilege.
  • IGWinners: Moderate-quality engagements, relatively fast delivery, but middle-of-the-pack results.
  • Craft Comments: Save this service for buying IG comments; followers arrive quite slowly.
  • Pulse Pixel: The best thing about this service is lower-than-average prices; results are only decent.
  • Elite Insta: You pay every month for this service, which provides decent but very slow Instagram growth.
  • Lift Likes: Followers are real but not high-quality, and the results match.
  • Impact Insta: High prices aren’t justified by the ordinary account growth that follows.

How Safe Are the Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers?

The services we have reviewed provide only real followers with real accounts. Those interactions are completely safe because they adhere to all of Instagram’s terms and conditions; your account is never at risk. Only scammy websites selling fake followers endanger your Instagram presence because the bot-generated engagements they create aren’t linked to real accounts, violating the IG rules.

The other issue to consider is the safety of your personal and financial information. The best sites selling Instagram growth services use secure servers and full encryption for protection data, so there’s never any danger of data theft when you use a reputable IG follower provider. Additionally, reputable services will never ask for your Instagram password, so your account can’t be hacked.

Benefits of More Instagram Followers 

Businesses need social media exposure now more than ever before. With more followers, a greater number of people will become familiar with your business, brands, and products. This increased awareness will result in more leads, sales, and profits.

More and more individuals have realized that becoming popular influencers can become extremely popular, and they need to acquire large numbers of IG followers to boost their personal brands and attract partners who will pay big money for sponsored posts.

Finally, content creators always want to expose their work to larger audiences. As they build larger fan bases, the personal satisfaction (and often the monetary benefits) that will flow from greater exposure make it worthwhile for them to do all they can to attract larger numbers of organic IG followers.