Letter – Times joins the ‘meemies’

Published 6:19 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I would like to take exception with the Smithfield Times Editorial Board for its June 5 editorial (“Luter’s generosity appreciated, but it has some strings”).

It seems to me that the Times Editorial Board is now firmly in lockstep with a small but determined group of screaming meemies yelling “NO! NO! NO!” to any and every decision our Town Council is faced with regarding inevitable growth and/or change. As with these screaming meemies, the Editorial Board offers little to no positive input so has evolved into persistent and unfounded character assassinations of our dedicated town’s public officials and the Luter family.

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In my opinion, this began with the “Save Mallory Farms” movement. All I heard from this core opposition group was “NO!, NO!, NO!” Never an alternative proposal that made any sense. I applaud our Town Council for having the foresight to vote in favor of the Mallory Farms development as I do for the favorable vote of the Grange at 10Main. Both are quality developments with multiyear build-outs that will enhance and benefit Smithfield. 

The Editorial Board’s allegation that the Grange at 10Main development is “deeply flawed” is simply an unfounded disinformation bomb intended to inflame opinion while providing red meat for the screaming meemies. What both these screaming meemies and the Times Editorial Board need to understand and accept is that change is the only universal constant. The alternative to change is decay. One does not have to look far from Smithfield to note this truth.

I both respect and appreciate all of our town officials and council members for serving in these times under such innuendo and disrespectful attacks. I call upon this coalition of screaming meemies and the Times Editorial Board to begin offering positive and meaningful input and stop the innuendo and personal attacks.


Henry McBurney