Letter – Unfair attacks on Kiggans

Published 6:14 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

On TV commercials and in the press I have heard enough disparaging remarks about 2nd District Congresswoman Jennifer Kiggans. 

As far as the commercials, they are paid for by out-of-state leftist PACs that want one more leftist in Congress. The persons who appear as “regular citizens” in these commercials are anything but. One is Sean Monteiro, chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia Beach. One is Heidi Dragneff, a well known Democratic operative. Obviously, if they could find real “regular citizens” dissatisfied with Congresswoman Kiggans, they would not have to use in-house shills. The remarks made in the press are by those who will tell you men can have babies and our current senile president is as sharp as a 40-year-old.

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The false statements say that Congresswoman Kiggans is anti-veteran, child, elderly and about everything else they can think up. Well, I personally know Jen Kiggans and am proud to call her a friend. I communicate with her often and have met her family: a husband who retired as a fighter pilot, a son who attends the Naval Academy, one who attends the Virginia Military Institute and two great daughters. There is not a more God-loving, patriotic family in this country.

I once asked why she even wanted that job because she certainly did not need it, and her reply was “because they need honesty in Washington and people who will do what’s best for the country and not themselves.” That sounds fake and cheesy nowadays, but I looked in her eyes and could tell she was very sincere and meant every word. She has no reason to not be truthful with me and knows it. 

Because she is a veteran, mother, nurse and patriot, what they say not only is untrue; it is illogical.


Volpe Boykin