How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

Published 11:43 am Wednesday, June 12, 2024

We are living in a day and age where you can’t ignore CBD; it’s practically everywhere. The changing world order, war situations, pandemics, and rising temperatures are things that may not influence your psyche constantly, but hearing about them does make one a bit anxious, stressed, and fatigued. 

Some relaxation and mellow time become essential then, and CBD has become the go-to source for it. CBD’s science-backed potential health benefits and personal anecdotes from people globally have positioned it as one of the best natural, clean, and effective aids. 

Sometimes people prefer to stock for months, which brings up the question, How long does CBD oil last? or what are its effects, and how long does cbd stay in your system? We’ll address all these questions today so that you can improve your wellness journey and become a well-informed consumer. 

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Can CBD Oil Expire? How Long Can It Last In Your Body?

Yes, CBD oil can expire. You cannot buy it and keep it forever; after a certain time, it’ll lose its healing potential and become weird in taste and texture. Modern-day CBD oils from reputable brands usually have a shelf life of one to two years. 

The expiration of CBD oil has a lot to do with how you store it. You must always fasten the lid tightly after every use and store it away from extreme temperatures. Neither too hot nor too cold; hence, try to keep it away from direct sunlight at room temperature. 

Bathroom cabinets or a pantry can be a good choice. Moisture and extra air can also ruin it, so, as stated above, keep the lid tight and sturdy. Why exactly does CBD oil go bad? Because it’s made with plant compounds known as cannabinoids, which break down over time. 

Moving on, there’s no exact answer to how long CBD stays in your body. On the surface, you’ll feel its effects within a few minutes of consumption, which may linger on for 6–8 hours. But that doesn’t mean that it has completely vanished from your system, so depending on individual body chemistry, the range can vary between hours and months. 

Factors like your height, weight, metabolism, medication history, dosage amount, frequency, method of consumption, eating habits, and tolerance levels can all impact this duration. In most healthy individuals, it may completely wear off within a few hours, but the minute trace amounts through oral consumption can stay up there in the system for 10–25 days. 

Whereas when smoked, it may take about a week to completely wear off. CBD you’ve consumed will also impact the duration. 

So, before an upcoming blood test, it’s better to stop the consumption at least a month before the event date or reduce it somewhat slowly. How much CBD you’ve consumed will also impact the duration.

How To Tell If CBD Oil Has Gone Bad Or Not?

The first thing that will come to your mind is the expiration day mentioned on the label, but what if the label has become blurry over time? Or has completely wiped off, well in that case you can rely on the following checks : 

Check For Odd smell 

Your nose is your Sherlock. In this case, just take a long whiff of your CBD oil. If it’s fine, then you’ll be able to smell its earthy aroma. But if it’s stinking or smells really odd, then that’s a sign of its expiration. 

The odd smell means that cannabinoids have lost their strength, the mixture has become foul, and it’s time to throw away the bottle. 

In fact, you should do this smell check from time to time, not just before expiration. Why? Because improper storage conditions can make it go bad before time.

Weird Texture 

Generally, CBD is not thick in texture and comes in different colors depending on the type and formulation. 

But an extreme color change, say from golden to dark brown or black, and a change in consistency (thickness or stuff accumulating at the bottom) means that it has gone bad. 

So don’t blindly pour it under your tongue; from time to time, keep a check on its texture to ensure that you are not consuming spoiled CBD oil. 

Unpleasant taste 

We all know that taste is not CBD oil’s strong suit, and that’s why many people prefer fruity CBD gummies over it. Some brands these days do offer flavored tinctures, but they are not that common. 

Usually, most CBD oils have a grassy or nutty hemp taste, which is quite odd and off-putting, but still consumable. But even the slightest change in this already somewhat off-putting taste means that the oil has gone bad. 

What Factors Can Affect CBD Oil’s Expiry Date?

We have already covered the importance of proper storage conditions in maintaining your CBD oil’s efficacy and quality. However, two other major factors can impact how long CBD oil stays fresh. 

First, the extraction method plays a major role in the oil’s quality. There are mainly two methods used across the industry, with CO2 extraction being the most effective, scientific, healthy, and efficient. 

The alcohol extraction method is considered the second best, and the solvent method is the worst. Hence, you should aim for products from brands that use the C02 extraction method; it doesn’t involve any heat, so the compound structure stays stronger and more efficient, ultimately enhancing its shelf life. 

Next, we have the quality of the brand. Finally, it all boils down to the aim of the brand you are buying from. Every other day, a new CBD brand pops up in the market, and the competitive space, hype, and lack of regulations in this budding industry mean that some inferior products can enter the market. 

That’s why you, as a customer, must always check the product reviews from multiple sources and thoroughly check the third-party lab test report of the CBD oil you are planning to buy. Always go with well-tested and reputed brands like Colorado Botanicals, and never buy before properly vetting the ingredient quality and cannabinoid levels mentioned in the label and test report. 

The End Note

In a nutshell, high-quality CBD oil from reputable brands like Colorado Botanicals can last between a year and two. The shelf life of CBD oil depends a lot on how you store it. Prolonged moisture, air, and extreme temperatures can greatly reduce its overall quality and potency. 

After all, it’s made with natural plant compounds, which break down over time; hence, it’s essential to keep it in cool, dark places, away from direct sunlight, air, and moisture. 

You can easily tell whether CBD oil has gone bad or not by checking its texture, taste, and smell. When taken responsibly, CBD can help you relax, sleep, and recover better. Just make sure that you start your journey with small and controlled doses. 

Usually, it shows its effects within 10–20 minutes of consumption, which can last up to 8 hours. But even after 8 hours, its trace amounts can stay in your body for up to a month. Hence, before an upcoming blood test, try to reduce the dose or stop altogether for some time.