Letter – Democrats  ‘going crazy’

Published 7:00 pm Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Here we go again arguing over the assumption that Trump is a convicted felon. Truth be told, the entire court hearing was a total clown farce with the Democratic Party stacking the deck against their sworn enemy of eight years so that they could take him out of the presidential race.

They know that with Biden’s poor performance, lack of cognitive ability and his corruption that it will cause him to lose the race. They are going crazy over this. 

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The demographic groups that faithfully voted for him now have “buyer’s remorse” and intend on voting for the guy they now see as the real solution to many of the problems created over the last three years. They have been exposed to the liberal agenda, with lousy results, and Trump’s accomplishments. Boy, are they hot. That is clearly what a multitude of people, even those who have always been Democrats, see in this abuse of the judicial system and government. 

If the tables were turned on them they would be screaming their lungs out of perceived “retribution.” Talk about hypocrisy; this is a textbook example of it. 

The mainstream media, entertainers and many others continually vilify what they perceive to be someone who will steal our democracy for a dictatorship. That is rich. Democrats have continually fed us lies along with conspiracies and tried to control the narrative just as the Nazis and communists have done. 

Remember when Biden wanted to have a “disinformation czar”? People cried out NO WAY. What does that tell you? They want controlled speech that makes them look great and the conservatives evil. 

In spite of all the derogatory rhetoric from the left and manipulated statistics they regurgitate, they will do everything in their power to subvert the truth.


Mark Middlecoop