Letter – Supports solar project

Published 7:02 pm Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

As a resident in Isle of Wight County, I am very concerned about Isle of Wight County government not addressing growth in a responsible and environmentally safe manner.  

Growth is an unavoidable fact. It has been the factor determining the size, strength and actual creation of our great nation. We need to stay ahead, especially in the power industry, to support and show we are willing to support new businesses. If we don’t, our neighboring communities, counties or states will.

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We have a large military presence in our area that requires an ever growing support system, not only in housing and human support systems but responsible industrial support. To protect what we already have will take more growth for future industry and existing business. All of this will take a larger and stronger infrastructure. 

We already see this in major road projects, large internet projects, planning commissions’ approval of homebuilding, and industrial growth taking place all over the Tidewater area. All of which will require more power. Solar is the, I believe, best and safest way to support this fast growth.

Previous planning of Isle of Wight County long before now has planned for this growth. The proof of that is in the power substation on Mill Swamp Road. In planning for future growth, that critical link will require no changes in it, other than the addition of a projector collection station and the actual power lines to transmit AES power to it and Dominion’s existing grid. 

AES has proven to be, and continues proving, to be a good neighbor to Virginia. They work here and live here. They will not only build this environmentally sound source of power, but they will operate it. They have a vested interest in Virginia’s health. I trust them, and they have proven in other projects to have earned it.

Therefore, I write in strong support of the Sycamore Cross solar project in Isle of Wight County. 


Orion Rogers